Goodbye my dear


Way up the winding hilly road,
Lover’s spot round the bend,
Then an old church by its side,
A boarding school stands at its end.

I saw children in red uniforms,
Moving in files of one and two.
Nuns in habits at every post,
Vigilant as they moved in a queue.

The climb was steep and long
The weather seemed so rough.
The little army climbed stealthily.
They were trained to be tough.

I stared at them with amazed eyes,
As I saw them on horse back ride.
Will my little one be that bold?
She always walks along my side.

The time had come to let her go
But I held her little hand so tight.
What happens when she cries out?
Would they rush to her at night?

Days and months would pass by
And one day she’ll be all grown,
I would miss those little moments
When she falls and stands on her own.

She waved with little tears in her eyes,
Holding the nun’s finger as she went in.
I saw my whole world close before me
And something died deep within.

A sharp cold wind blew on my face
It stabbed my heart a thousand times.
I stood alone watching it snow,
Listening to the sound of chimes.

‘Forget me not’ I silently prayed.
‘The roads are winding, do not fear.
You are safe from the big bad world,
The mountains will protect you, my dear.’


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