Yesterday in the marketplace,
Busy with my daily chores;
Scrolling down the endless list,
I ran into her at one of the stores.

I recognized her instantly
And spoke to her in delight.
“You were at the registrar office,
To be married. Is that right?”

“You are the clerk I remember.”
She spoke of all their times together.
And when they planed to take the vow
He just left, never to claim her.

Watching the months change to year,
As spring lost color spreading branches bare,
Waiting for him to return someday
And wake up from her wild nightmare.

When she felt the winter chills no more;
Shedding the garb of a romantic fool,
She made her nest with bits and pieces,
While he traveled from Italy to Istanbul.

“Please find the application dated tenth of June”
She asked me to destroy it as a favour
I explained that it was now null and void,
“His signature remains my guarantee forever.”

Today at the office I have a mission.
Rummaging through the rejected piles
I will free her of the promissory note,
That holds an honest moment in junk files.

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