In a midget’s world,
The trees grow tall.
The fruits out of reach
And flowers on the wall.

Living in the shadow,
Of the rich and the bold
Daggers in their smiles
And pockets full of gold.

To cross the seven seas
On a ship that is sinking…
And slay a few dragons
Is a wishful thinking!

Perhaps win the princess
With the mystic rose
Climb the magic beanstalk
On its bows money grows.

A star studded shawl
And her chaos laden dress,
The night draws close,
Slowly like an enchantress.

Holding close her moon,
A shining magic ball!
Predicting new heights,
That would end in a fall.

At the wake of dawn,
The dream will suddenly end.
Little men like ants in a row,
Keep going round the bend.

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