I walked a few faltering steps,

With you my long lost friend!

As I continued with my journey,

I met you at a nameless bend.


Love that blooms under a tree

And flowers in fresh rosy hues;

A fossil on the memory wall,

Trailing thoughts from the blues


Did I then feel true love’s call?

Or was it a search for the unknown?

The child who loved for love’s sake

Today I stand a woman all grown.


As I stood gazing at your face

I searched for the familiar smile;

Though your eyes twinkled no more,

But time stood still for a while.


The budding love that set ablaze,

Smelted through heat and fire.

Changed many forms and shapes,

To love and hold, to my heart’s desire.


I let some moments blow in the air

And some got hushed in walls confined.

All that remains of true love’s share,

Is laughter and tears forever entwined!

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